Air Cast Walker Boot (Low)


Ivan Renz Anthony Espina, PTRP

Clinical Sales Representative and Manager
Dynamic Motions Orthosis and Prosthesis Distribution

Features & Benefits:

  • The integrated air pump is easy to inflate and deflate, providing a constant compression force stability reduce edema .
  • Outer strong plastic shell for more fixation and durability.
  • Shock-absorbing insole can reduce foot pressure.
  • High-grade medical materials, anti-allergic, non-fading,durable.
  • Strong velcro straps to secure the fixation .
  • Easy to wear, light weight, comfortable, easy to adjust.


  • Ankle and foot fracture fixation
  • Fractures of the lower part of the tibia and fibula
  • Ankle ligament injury
  • Post Operative & Rehab Purpose

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