ROM Hinged Knee Brace


Ivan Renz Anthony Espina, PTRP

Clinical Sales Representative and Manager
Dynamic Motions Orthosis and Prosthesis Distribution

Features & Benefits:

  • The product consists of a support frame and an inner lining.
  • The support frame supports the knee joint and limits the angle of movement.
  • The straps serve to fix the support frame to the legs, and the inner lining serves to relieve pressure and increase comfort.
  • Fixation straps for more stability.


  • Conservative treatment, postoperative and rehabilitation of knee ligament injuries. Including: ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL
  • Meniscus repair, patella reduction, chondroplasty, stable femoral fracture, total knee replacement, high tibial osteotomy, provide stable support.

One Size Fits All


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