Sling and Swathe Arm Sling


Ivan Renz Anthony Espina, PTRP

Clinical Sales Representative and Manager
Dynamic Motions Orthosis and Prosthesis Distribution

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides comfortable support after injury
  • Quick-release buckle with easy to adjust strap
  • Lightweight and comfortable for extended wear
  • Designed for use following surgery or trauma to the area
  • Aids recuperation by limiting movement
  • Reduce discomfort to the hand, wrist, arm or shoulder
  • Limits your range of motion to help your injury heal
  • Holds the upper arm in a raised position
  • Low weight for superior comfort


  • Supporting and elevating the shoulder and arm
  • Immobilising the shoulder and arm in a comfortable position after injury
  • Broken arm
  • Broken clavicle
  • Sprained or broken wrist
  • Post operation support
  • Ease arthritis pain

Notice: Please use under the guidance of a physician:

If there are any adverse reactions, seek medical attention immediately.


One Size Fits All




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